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Our Second Timepiece in Rose Gold

Handcrafted Irish watch

The Tuscar Bánú is a limited edition of 20 pieces in rose gold. Like the One of Ten, this piece features our very own time-only in-house calibre movement. We have retained the qualities that were so successful in the Tourbillon, including its distinctive design elements and high levels of fine finishing.

Independent watchmaker



The Tuscar Bánú is a limited edition of 20 pieces in rose gold.


Here is a closeup view our balance with freesprung hairspring and our signature titanium balance bridge.



The Tuscar Bánú has a sapphire dial with a black barrel bridge which lends to a more readable dial. It also follows in the tradition of the other timepieces in that the mechanism is visible through the dial.

Irish design
Handcrafted Irish watch

Origin of Name


Bánú meaning dawn in Irish is the perfect name for the new model Tuscar in rose gold.


"Tuskar" (Irish: An Tuscar) is the name of a group of rocks topped with a lighthouse that is often the first glimpse of Ireland seen by those approaching by sea from the east. 

Tuskar Rock lighthouse is one of the great Irish lighthouses. The area itself is where the Atlantic Ocean sweeps up the Irish Sea.

The solidity the name evokes is a powerful analogy for this McGonigle timepiece.





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