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Mainplate and Bridge Art


Our sister and artist, Frances McGonigle, has been a huge addition to the overall design of our watches.

Apart from researching the design from Irish culture, ancient Celtic patterns and early Christian illustrations, Frances has lent her lyrical style to design the sublime, and much acclaimed, engraving on the back of every McGonigle watch.

The mainplate, something that is not often shown, is ornately engraved in an ancient Celtic pattern reminiscent of sea birds and waves.

These engravings are an integral part of all our timepieces.
We are proud and delighted to provide a canvas in the shape of the our watches mainplates and bridges for Frances’ beautiful work.


The artwork created by Frances is delicately hand-engraved by Michele Rothen Rebetez, who executes the most beautiful work and who can bring Frances' designs to life. Madame Rothan's work is so precise that it is hard to believe that it was done by the human hand.  There is an incredible workmanship that goes into hand-engraving. This results in a crispness, sharpness and brilliance that a machine could never reproduce. In addition, each piece is an original because no two could ever be exactly the same.

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