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The Tourbillon with power reserve of 110 hours, with one minute Tourbillon and sapphire dial, the most elegant of complications.


The "Tuscar" features a time-only in-house calibre movement, retaining the qualities that were so successful in the tourbillon, including its distinctive design elements and transcendental levels of fine finishing.





Minute Repeater

McGonigle Watches has the pleasure to announce one of our newest creations, Ceol Minute Repeater.

The Tuscar Bánú, meaning dawn in Irish, is the perfect name for the Tuscar in rose gold.

Tuscar Bánú

Rose Gold

Tuscar Bánú

White Gold

Despite the same in-house movement as the rose gold Tuscar, the white gold version

is asthetically very different.

Behind the Scenes

McGonigle watches was established in 2006. Stephen McGonigle, co-founder, splits his time between workshops in Dublin and Switzerland.

NewGrange, Co. Meath, Ireland
Older than the pyramids, Newgrange is best known for the illumination of its passageway and chamber by the rising of the winter solstice sun. 5000 year old timing & precision.
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